Briza Walter, MD

Dr. Briza Walter moved here from Brazil at the age of 13.  She quickly adapted to the lifestyle of NYC and was eager to learn as much as possible about the new culture and the people in general.  She learned English quickly, studied Spanish and is fluent in those languages including her mother tongue, Portuguese.   Dr. Walter’s caring and compassionate personality, along with her constant desire to help others, led her to Medical School and a specialized residency in Women’s Health and GYN Surgery.  While providing individualized care for her patients, Dr. Walter introduced aesthetic services to her practice and soon realized that feeling good, being healthy and looking your best played a role in healing, mental health and overall self-esteem for all her patients. This passion for improving people’s lives grew into Studio 17 Cosmetics & Wellness, where Dr. Walter provides a full concierge service practice for optimal beauty inside and out.

Kaylynn Kinhofer, BSN, RN

Kaylynn Kinhofer completed her BS in Nursing in 2013. She graduated top of her class and received two awards from the University: Clinical Excellence Award & Nursing Excellence Award.  After graduation, she worked in a hospital setting as a charge nurse, helping improve the lives of patients every day.  After working closely with Dr. Walter, she found her passion–Cosmetics, Rejuvenation & Wellness. She continues to help people every day by being extremely knowledgable in all of our products, aesthetic services & works extremely hard to better the lives of each person she meets.  Kaylynn & Dr. Walter make an incredible team.


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