Refund and Cancellation Policy

Studio 17 Cosmetics & Wellness Policies

Scheduling Policy

A valid credit card is required to make an appointment. This card will not be charged unless there is a no-show/late reschedule/late cancellation for your appointment. Reschedules and cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice are deemed “late” and will incur a $100 late fee.

No Show/Late Reschedule/Late Cancellation

A 24-hour notice is required if you need to reschedule or cancel your reserved appointment time. If a 24-hour notice is not given, or you fail to attend your appointment, a $100 fee will be charged to the credit card on file. If your service requires a deposit, this amount will not be refunded or applied toward future services. You may be required to make deposits for future appointments if this is a frequent occurrence.

It is your responsibility to note your appointments. Regardless of whether or when you received a reminder via text, email, or call, you are responsible for canceling with sufficient notice.

Late Policies

It is your responsibility to arrive on time for your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled, and a no-show fee will be charged. If you arrive less than 10 minutes late, your appointment time will be shortened, and services may be adjusted to avoid inconveniencing the client booked after your appointment time.

Opt Out

By entering your phone number, you are agreeing to receive text messages from us. Message rates may apply. You can reply STOP to opt-out.

Treatment Complications from Providers Outside of Studio 17

We do not provide medical advice or correctional treatments for complications resulting from services received elsewhere. We recommend contacting the office or provider who administered your treatment.

Menu Pricing

All menu prices are subject to change with or without notice. Any pricing or estimates provided without an actual physical assessment by our providers are not guaranteed. Our prices start at the menu price and will vary according to each client/patient’s needs.

Product Returns

All product sales are final. We do not accept returned products or provide refunds or exchanges.

Pet Policy

Only working service dogs are allowed in the Studio. This does not automatically include emotional support animals (ESA). Working service dogs are trained to perform significant life tasks for their owners, including but not limited to guiding the owner visually in public settings, alerting the owner to sounds they are unable to hear or identify, assisting the owner with major life tasks they cannot perform on their own (retrieving items, opening doors), providing assistance if the owner has a psychiatric or emotional disability that substantially limits their ability to perform major life tasks (a letter from a licensed therapist or psychiatrist indicating this is required), or alerting the owner to get assistance from another person at the onset of a seizure. If you have an emotional support animal, you will need to provide a formal letter written by a licensed mental health professional identifying the emotional or mental need for an ESA.

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