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Covid has caused a lot of changes in our lives. In mine, I switched from being an educator to working at a med spa.


If you know me, you’d know how odd me working at a med spa is. I usually don’t wear makeup. I’ve had 1 facial in my entire life. I do get a few pedicures during the year, but that’s so my feet don’t frighten young children and animals. I live life in gym clothes…although I haven’t been to a gym in years (even pre-Covid). I’ve described myself on numerous occasions as a hot mess-express. It feels as though these past few years I’ve merely been surviving –going through the motions of life.


Throughout the pandemic, my work-life became ridiculously stressful, and I was unable to find a healthy balance. I put everyone else’s needs in front of my own, while I stagnated. I taught for over 14 years and personally identify as a teacher. I made the tough decision to quit teaching because my mental health and the welfare of my family needed to come first. And let me tell you, changing careers at the ripe age of 38 is terrifying. Especially since working at a med spa is quite out of character for me.


I feel like a fish out of water… or like Jon Snow… I know nothing! Luckily I’m working on the business end of things, so I have time to get up to speed.


I did come to the job knowing a little about skin. About a decade ago, I was diagnosed with Rosacea. (It still takes me a few tries to actually type it out correctly.) I went to a dermatologist because my face was often red, inflamed, and hot to the touch.


This would happen if I was hot, if I was cold, if I was happy, if I was sad, if I was stressed, if I was nervous, if I ate something spicy, if I exercised (or… you know… had to walk up a couple flights of stairs because LIFE), but you get the point. I was red in the face and unhappy about it. The derm prescribed topical ointment to use and highlighted what to avoid – some allergy meds, coffee, alcohol. You know, the stuff essential for survival.


The cream came with a FDA Black Box warning – as a “possible cancer risk.” Needless to say, I did not use it. Over the years, I’ve learned what to avoid and my rosacea is now manageable. I still have flare ups every once in a while. Particularly high stress/anxiety situations – you know, like a pandemic! 😛


I’ve had to search for products that didn’t irritate my skin, and I could never find anything that I loved 100%. As I say to my husband, “I didn’t finish to like it.” My backwards way of saying that something is okayish, but by no means ideal or preferred.


Now that I’m working in this new industry, I have access to knowledge, services, and products that I never knew existed. And if I did know of their existence, I’d be too intimidated to try. (Seriously… Microneedling sounds SCARY AS HELL. It literally has the word needle in it.)


What I’m shocked and amazed about is how different things are than I imagined. The technology is flipping amazing and the client results have been life-changing.


I’ve changed my life’s direction by switching careers at the age of 38. Now I’m exploring ways to improve myself. Are you ready to join me on my skincare and wellness journey?

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